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RhB guardsman barrack


  • Model: MDS-20112
  • Weight: 10 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

The RhB deployed along its vast rail network many of these Gardsman Barracks.  The prototype is made from wood planks with a simple roof at a 45° angle.  These Barracks are equipped with a single bed and a table, a box, and a small oven.

The model was constructed from original plans of the Rhätischen Bahn (RhB).  An example of this barrack can be found directly alongside the Filisur engine shed!

This kit is from laser cut plastic (uncolored) and after assembly it can be colored to your liking matching the various degrees of of weathering as found on the RhB.

The velo and the driver are not part of the kit but the velo can be found here as a seperate item.

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