TrainBabe Products

Who is Train Babe? ….you are! (by Joane Tillmann) Train Babe was launched as an acknowledgement and appreciation of women like you. I was inspired by women who are passionate about gardening, kit bashing, painting figures and working alongside their husbands, brothers, friends, fathers, and grandfathers bringing landscapes and towns to life. What has greatly impressed me are the numerous hours and miles walking spent at train shows, train clubs and the internet looking for and secretly selecting the next perfect birthday or Christmas gift; all the while planning the next milestone for the train layout. You are the very women who led to the creation of Train Babe. Products just for us, paying homage to our interest, devotion and the role we as women play in this hobby. You also will be pleased to know that a percentage of the profits from your purchase of TrainBabe T-shirts will go towards a charity*. Let’s make a difference together. Here is to you ladies…my Train Babes. * St. Jude Children’s Hospital