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Parts for LGB®

Parts for LGB<sup>®</sup>

Best assortment for common and repair parts for LGB® from your trusted resource in North America: TRAINLI.

We strive to keep your rolling stock and engines running, not only with parts, but also with our well established repair department.  We do not only repairs, but we enhance your products with Sound and DCC installations.  We exclusively use TrueSound DCC™ by ZIMO.

If you see available parts under ProLine™, then these indicate parts that are not manufactured by Märklin/LGB®, but are equal or better products. 

We are proud to be direct supplier by Maerklin/LGB. We work in close cooperaton with Maerklin and strife to bring you the best quaility.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us under:

When you contact us, please tell us the rollingstock number and the explosion diagram number, ie. Engine 2010D Part#2  and not "that golden thing on top of the engine on the roof the engine".  We want to serve many poeple and if we have a go on a wild goose chase then we will have to charge an extra fee of $5/part that is not clearly identified.

Also we have experienced that some engage us to find them many parts and we do the work and then you either don't respond or you decline to take some of the parts.  Therefore all search orders are charged automatically with $25, and we wave the fee for all orders exceeding $25 or for Goldmembers.

TRAINLI: From Hobbyists for Hobbyists, that's why we care!