EasyBend DuoTrackTM
the most successful rail-bender in Europe The World  (More than 5500 units sold - only trust the market leader)
Swiss quality at an affordable price.  A dual railbender not only saves time, but also leads to much better trackwork.

Have you used any traditional rail-benders to bend G-scale track in the past?  Are you as frustrated as I am, about track that is warped, track that is not parallel—both the typically causes of derailment. Train-li-USA offers the ultimate rail-bender for code 332 and code 250 for the US market.  The EasyBend DuoTrack allows the simultaneous bending of two G-scale rails either mounted on ties or loose without ties.  But after you experience the convenience of putting on ties on a straight section versus on a curved section, you will never bend track without ties again. In addition the bender can be applied to already laid track in order to re-bend curves.  EasyBend DuoTrack unique patented design eases the task of bending the track to customer specification. 

Features include:

  • Precise parallel G-scale tracks for the entire G-scale track section in accordance to NRMA norm
  • Repeatable radius through precise adjustment control
  • Can bend on flat ground entire track sections and therefore avoids any warping of the track found with conventional rail benders
  • Bend new sections of G-scale layout directly at location, hence bending it to your precise requirements.
  • Build-in levels to verify correct leveling and inclines of the G-scale track
  • InPalm™ easy handle - avoids twisting wrists
  • L-shaped 100 steel base unit for long lasting torsion free operation with stainless steel ball bearings
  • Easy to use with Delrin gliders
  • Saves time (more than 50%) and avoids mistakes

Many times copied, but never succeeded!
You only can get it cheaper if you make it weaker.