How To Order Parts

Helpful Tips for LGB Parts Inquiries

We want to be highly efficient and provide you with parts and information hereto as quick as possible. 
You received this document because you called us about parts.

Here are a few notes:

  1. Please go to our website and IN the top BLUE menu section you will find LGB Info.
  2. Click on LGB INFO and you see menu selections, once of which is LGB PARTS PDF.
  3. Click on this link and you will find all explosion diagrams of all LGB products right there.
  4. The diagrams have numbers in round circles. These are the identifiers for the parts you are looking
    for (ie. engine Stainz 2010 and part in circle is 3 so it is 20100-002  - Whistle)
  5. Please provide us with the inquiry in the following way:

Engine name

Part #







  1. Engine and car number are typically 5 digit long. However, in the early days the product numbers
    were only 4 digit long or in some instances 4 digit plus an Alpha character (typically S for Sound and D for Steam). 
    So in our example it would actually be 2010D-002, however we have internally converted all 4 digits to 5 digits by appending a 0.
  2. Once you have filled out a list of parts you need, please email them to PARTS@TRAINLI.COM and we will respond as quickly as possible
  3. We carry here in the US standard parts in stock (although at unusual high demand times we may be waiting for a new delivery.
    All non standard parts come from our supply chain.  We operate in your best interest by consolidating shipment
    (approximately every 6-8 weeks) in order to keep the shipping costs for you under control  Otherwise products would have to cost 2x – 3x.
  4. Once you receive an order confirmation you are in the system, so no need to inquire about the whereabouts of the parts because we are on top of it.
  5. Should you have a parts emergency, then we can always fly parts in individually for you, but be aware of the extra cost associated with it.