Helpful Tips for LGB Parts Inquiries

We want to be highly efficient and provide you with parts and information as quickly as possible.

First, a few notes:

  • We currently only sell model railroad parts for LGB G-scale models (now under Maerklin production).
  • We carry many parts here in the US, and parts we do not have in stock are available in 6-8 weeks from our supply chain. We consolidate orders to reduce the cost of parts to you.
  • We are able to make 'express' orders for time-sensitive repairs. Expect an increase in price due to shipping costs.
  • The LGB engine, car, or set number is typically 5 digits long and is printed on the original box, on the original manual, and on a sticker placed on the bottom of the product.
  • In the early days of LGB, a 4-digit number was used and sometimes followed by a letter ("S" for sound, "D" for steam, etc). For these older items, we recognize the old numbers. We convert these numbers to 5 digits for our internal inventory, so you may see a different model number on your invoice than the one provided to us.
  • All explosion diagram PDFs are both in German and English if there is no link under the "English" column. Some models have multiple PDFs available (ie. 23191, 23191e, 23191-1, 23191 - Copy). In this case, please specify which diagram you are using.
  • Part numbers may include letters (sometimes used for style variations), but may not be all numbers (ie. on the 2010D Stainz diagram, the smoke stack may be part number 14a or 14b, but the boiler is part number 30 and not "A"). Letters on explosion diagrams indicate mates (ie. see page 2 of 2010D diagram).
  • When uncertain about a part number or if the explosion PDF does not exist, please include a picture of the needed part and/or the explosion diagram with the part circled (and model number visible) to ensure we find you the correct part.
  • Please begin your parts order via email using the following instructions, and we will follow up with a call or email if necessary. Please include a phone number and your full name. By starting your order with an email, we have a record of when you began your parts order and the parts you need.

Please follow these steps to begin your parts order:

  1. Please go to our website where you will find the tab "LGB Info" at the very top of the page in the blue banner.
  2. Click on or move your cursor over "LGB Info" and a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Click on the third item in the list, "LGB Parts PDFs," to find explosion diagrams for all LGB products.
  4. Find your model number in the list and click on "PDF Here." 
  5. The diagrams have numbers in round circles. These are the part numbers (ie. on the 2010D Stainz diagram, the whistle on top of the cab is part number 2). To streamline our inventory, we add zeros before the part number to make a 3-digit number.
  6. Please prepare a table with the part numbers in the following format:

Engine name

Part #







Once you have filled out a list of parts you need, please email the list with your phone number and full name to INFO@TRAINLI.COM and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you do not hear from our team within two business days, we may have not received your email and you are welcome to give us a call to follow up.