1. How to disassemble LGB engines

Please go to our website and go to LGB Info. There is a menu item called LGB Parts PDF. From there you pick the diagram for your LGB engine. Example LGB 20232. Diagrams for LGB engines have applicability for typically all of the same engine types, in this example 21232, 22232, 23232,…. or generally speaking 2x232 (x standing for the variation of this digit). This PDF is called an explosion diagram. There you can see how all fits together and the locations of the screws. Remove the complete motor block from the engine. And open the top lid. If your work requires also to remove the bottom lit, then be careful when you remove the axles, because there are brushes held in place by the wheels which are spring loaded and they will jump all over the place if you don’t "control" them. If you lift the axle at one side first and hold you hand behind the wheel, you will catch the brush, and then of course the next side, and then the same procedure on the other axle(s).

2. The individual parts of the motor block

Motor block Center
The slots are called journals, albeit the are just slotted holes in the motor
block center, and there are no ball bearings or bushings.

Motor block bottom lid

Motor block top lid

LGB motor blocks in principal divide into two type, one that uses direct drive to the wheels and one that uses idler gears to the wheels. The motor blocks are with direct drive use so called helical cut axle gear gears (slanted), and the other type use straight cut gears and those motor blocks have also an idler gear (see at the left) between the motor and the axle. The majority of direct drive motor blocks are the type B gearbox which also uses a short shaft motor. The most popular engine is the Stainz and sisters (2010, 2020, 2015, 2017 and all the later variants). The straight cut motor blocks are predominantly know as type C gearbox. This gearbox uses long shaft motors. There are also special engines that don’t use the standard gear sets. More about this in a later chapter

LGB axles “sets” are the sets for your engine with the drive gear on them. In the left example you see a STAINZ (2010, 2020…) axle set for front and rear axles. Talk to your TRAINLI expert which axle set is correct for your engine. Even this little engine has different sets.

As previously discussed this is a B-gearbox with the axle having a helical cut gear.

There are other parts to the entire setup such as pickup shoes, motor block internal contact wires and metal strips, and brushes that you can purchase directly from TRAINLI.

3. Possible defects

LGB products are very solidly build and can last a long time, when properly taken care off. But accidents, or mishandling can have a strong impact on the reliability. Here are few items to understand:

  • Seldom go idler gears defective in normal operation. Neither do axle gears. What destroys gears are the worm gears on the motor shaft. We find that when we see defective gears the following reasons as one or multiple of the root causes:
  • Gearbox journals are worn out
  • Gear lids are slightly bend and motor doesn't engage fully
  • Not properly quartered axles and therefore the movement is impacted and leads to quick ware on idler gears
    Quartering means that the side rod mount from one side to another is offset by 90 degrees. Make sure that
    front and rear axle have the same quartering (not one forward and the other backward) Use one side pointing up perfectly to the top and maker the other side point backwards, and you are all set.
  • Too heavy loads are being pulled
  • Sudden Stop or even worth quick reverse of voltage
  • Gearbox journals are worn out
  • Previous stop on an obstacle while the engine kept on running.

4. Maintenance Tips for LGB Motor blocks

Over time due to the unavoidable journal slots, dust will make it into the motor block and contaminate the grease. Grease with dust and sand will start a “sanding” process that will harm the gears. It is advisable to regularly clean the inside of the motor block from all old grease and then slightly re-grease the engine. Less is better, we have seen motor blocks packed with grease. One of the unwanted side effects that the motor block gets hot, and the melting grease gets into the motor and will ultimately destroy the motor.

After cleaning and re-greasing you build the motor block back together (attention to lineup of all axles for all Steam engines), please give one droplet of oil to the axle where the journal is.

Grease and Oil can be obtained from TRAINLI.


Due to the steady growing number of products this list might not be current. Engines year after year come in newcolor schemes. The original Stainz 2010 or 2020 has seen many incarnations, that why we would like to refer to the product numbers as 2x10x or 2x20x where x can be any digit. It is safe to assume that all engines of the same family use the same motor

1. Short Shaft Motor (62201)

All applicable engines: 2010D / 20151 / 2015D / 20171 / 2017D / 20202 / 2020 / 20232 / 20300 / 2030 / 20350 / 2035 / 20400 / 2040 / 20430 / 2043 / 2051 / 2051S / 20604 / 2060H / 20610 / 2061 / 20620 / 2062 / 20630 / 2063 / 20701 / 2070D / 2171 D / 20731 / 2073D / 20741 / 2074D / 20761 / 2076D / 20780 / 2078 / 20801 / 2080D / 20802 / 2080S / 20851 / 2085D / 20900 / 2090 / 20950 / 2095 / 20962 / 2096S / 21201 / 2120D / 21430 / 2143 / 21500 / 2150 / 21741 / 2174D / 21802 / 2180S / 22171 / 2217D / 24900

2. Long Shaft Motor (62204)

All Applicable engines: 20180 / 20190 / 20280 / 20450 / 20550 / 20560 / 21552 / 21562 / 22192 / 23192 / 20440 / 21811 / 22182 / 23182 / 24182 / 21450 / 25192 / 26192

3. Field Rail Way Motor (62209)

All Applicable engines: LGBchen (20140, 21140, 22140, 23140), LGB Grizzly Flats and Waimanalo Olomana (20130, 22130), and LGB® field railway locomotives (20910, 21910, 22910, 23910, 29145

4. Handcar Motor (62300 or former 2300)

All Applicable engines: LGB® Handcar/Draisine 2001, 20010, 21010, 22010, 23010

5. Railbus Motor (62206 or former 2206)

All Applicable engines: Railbus 2x640, 2x650, 2x660

6. LGB Tractor Motor (20410.510)

All Applicable engines: 2x410

7. LGB Ruegen Motor (62210)

All Applicable engines: 2800x (Ruegen)

8. LGB Track cleaning Motor (21670-M009 | E130620)

All Applicable engines: 2x670 LGB Track cleaning engines

9. Rack Locomotive Motor (62205)

All Applicable engines: Rack Locomotive 2x460, 2x470


1. Large Traction Tire (46.5mm)

20180 / 20190 / 20280 / 22192 / 23192 / 22182 / 22190 / 23182 / 24182 / 25910 / 26192/ 20232 / 21232 / 22232

2. Very Small Traction Tire (30.5mm)

20410 / 20770 / 20910 / 20930 / 21910 / 21930 / 22930 / 21410 / 2177D/ 22770/ 23460 / 24410 / 25910 / 27410 / 24771 / 72460

3. Small Traction Tire (37.5mm)

Everything else.


TRAINLI was founded by model railroad (G-scale, O-scale, HO-scale) enthusiasts like yourself. Like you we started with an LGB starter set. In search for excellent and specialty products we found the need to import products from around the world. Many desires have been left unanswered by your traditional resources which we make now available to you.

Among these products are:

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  • many interesting accessories that complement your LGB layout.
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