Sound, Digital, RF

Authorized ZIMO distributor for North America
(Dealer Inquiries welcome)

We are specialized in Sound and Digital implementations for your engines and your layout.  We use only the best products on the market.  Why do you want to compromise your experience with choosing inferior products. 

Why should I pay Premium dollar for DCC products.

This is a good and valid question.  We have tested many decoders and sound decoders on the market.  We have determined that only ZIMO decoders offer a qulaity of operation and reliability that other manufacturers cannot match.  Engines run smoother with ZIMO.  Additionally ZIMO offers all the bells and whistles that you effectively need for your engine operation.

Beyong the Sound/DCC Board
Let's talk about sound, for example.  Most vendors sell you $150 - $250 sound boards but hand you cheap Chinese $ 0.50 speakers.  Speakers are the most critical element in your sound system, don't get the wrong products.  We only utilize the best products on the market and we are sourcing a German manufactured product from a company called VISATON.  Check the variety of VISATON products and call us for a consultation. VISATON coupled with ZIMO is a winning combination.  Check our implementation and ask for sound samples.  You will be amazed.