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MX696S integrated DCC-Sound decoder, 4A/10A, with header pins


  • Model: ZI-MX696S
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: Available for order, Ships in 5-7 days
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  • Note: Currently on back order until further notice

TrueSound DCC MX696S
The best in DCC and Sound that the market has to offer. I never knew how good a locomotive could sound until I listened to ZIMO.

Zimo has been the world leader of DCC and always pushes forward. The good news is that with Zimo you are never obsolete.

Features of the MX696S:

  • Optimized Analog
  • 4A (10A peak) total output capacity
  • 28 function control of which are 8 output functions * TrueSound sound generator and sound projects
  • Special fan control output for load and chuff synchron smoke
  • 40 parallel sound storage channels
  • 4 parallel sound output channels for polyphonic sound
  • 4/8 Ohm impedance
  • 32Mbit sound buffer
  • 10 Watts output at 4 Ohm
  • fully customizable via free software
  • 4 servo control outputs
  • 3 trigger inputs
  • electronic flywheel input (capacitor buffer)
  • 10V low voltage outputs
  • Volume control
  • 2x ribbon cable connectors
  • Size (inch): 2 11/64 x 1 5/32 x 23/32 | (mm): 55 x 29 x 18

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