Switch Drives/Stands

Besides the LGB switch drive we carry one of the best slow motion drives in the Market which we called MasterLine.  We caried the product for many years when we abondoned it because Aristocraft build an inferior version.  Now we carrry the product with a very improved adapter for G-scale switches.

The ProLine™ switch drives are the most versatile switch drives on the market.  They come in two basic versions; manual and DC/DCC.  The DC/DCC is a combo drives that protects your investment.  Today you might be running analog (DC) tomorrow you want to explore DCC.  The same drive will do both.  No further investment required.  ProDrives™ are also very versatile.  

But for those RhB fans who orignally bought into LGB switch drives, we have the correct RhB lantern attachment in stock.