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LGB 51079 Electronic Locomotive Controller, 5 Amps


  • Model: LGB 51079
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: This item is not in stock, but available to order.

This electronic locomotive controller for analog operation offers the latest technology with high operating current and modern features for your analog operated LGB layout: maximum of 5 amps operating current, for use with the 51095 100-watt switched mode power pack. Very fine control and smoothed DC voltage. Adjustable control range: +/- 135° with a zero position in the center / booster button with programmable acceleration, Stop/Halt button. LED indicators for Stop, overload, ready for operation, and direction of travel. Connections for wire up to 1.5 square millimeters in cross section / approximately 15/16 gauge, protected against short circuits. Output: 0-24 volts DC. Operating current: maximum 5 amps. Dimensions 160 x 120 x 95 mm / 6-5/16" x 4-3/4" x 3-3/4".

For more information please view the Manual

**THROTTLE and TRACK POWER CABLE ONLY, MATCHING POWER PACK (or transformer) NEEDED to power trains. LGB item number 60195. **

***If connecting this THROTTLE to an older 50111 TRANSFORMER you will need the adapter E120722 ***