Visaton Speakers

The Best in sound

Only the best speakers should be used for your sound experience.  Don't settle for manufacturers to sell you ultra cheap Chinese speakers and weaken your sound experience. 

Let's take look at a little more detail.  In HiFi technology we used the formula that for every dollar you invest into the amplifier you need to invest ten dollar into the speaker system.  Unfortunately we can't get so expensive speakers that fit also into our engine.  Modern Sound or Sound/DCC boards start about at $150 and range, based on features, up to $250.  We can assume that the components on the board that represent the HiFi amplifier represent about ten dollars.  So it is quite reasonable to spend $20 or more for a speaker in the engine.  The heavy VISATON speakers deliver a rich sound, but you must baffle them for the best sound experience.

For optimal installation you can always ask us for help or opinions.  Do not be fixed on the original space that engine manufactures provided.  Very often alternative speaker spaces are available and a richer sound is the result.  After all we want all our engines to sound "Life Like".

What if my engine has already a factory installed speaker?

Unfortunately even $800 or $2000 engines install speakers worth 50 cents - that really makes no sense.  As we recently uncovered a high-end LG sound bar came with factory installed speakers who's footprint were identical to the VISATON FRS7.  After 2 hours installation time and very slight modifications to the soundbar chassis the results turned a mumbling until into a strong performer.

Unlike a soundbar your engines work under worst acoustic conditions.  It is even more important that you equip them with the right speaker and that also means removing the factory installed one.