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MD-DWA Switch Drive MD mXion DWA


  • Model: MD-DWA
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

The MD mXion DWA is the best turnout drive for G scale

it uses LGB EPL drive size and only needs to be connected to the track.

Here, the decoder and the drive, a high-quality, extremely strong metal geared motor, integrated with the actuator. All components are made of ABS by injection molding. This makes it extremely robust and completely weatherproof at the same time. It can work in analog and digital mode, while slowly setting the course for the prototype (also analogous to the EPL control panel). The positioning time (speed) is adjustable. In addition, it has two function output, so you can easily lanterns or lamps switch and dimming. The original LGB turnout lanterns as well as the additional switches can be operated on the drive. Even signals can be converted with it. Another highlight is the built-in frog polarization in addition to the low power consumption and the full analog operation. This allows core pieces to be connected directly. The right relay is already integrated and connected to the drive. It only needs to be soldered to the heart. This can also biding siding bpsw. be switched off. The connection can be easily realized via the existing screw terminal. Furthermore, various special functions can be set and configured. The DWA is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible.

For details, see the Operation Manual