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MXULFA (Update Module)


  • Model: MXULFA
  • Weight: 3 LBS
  • Availability: Available for order, Ships in 5-7 days

MXULFA | Decoder Update Module with display
Decoder update and sound loading all from a USB stick
Zimo has been the world leader of DCC and always pushes forward. The good news is that with Zimo you are never obsolete.

If you don't own a new ZIMO central station (MX10) then this is the must have module for the advanced ZIMO user (or the even better MXULFA with display).

  • Software update with USB stick or via computer (ZSP, ZIRC)
  • Load sound projects- with USB stick or computer (ZSP, ZIRC),
  • Drive and control your engine for the then current address with build in control buttons or even in multitrain mode from the computer
  • Configure (CV-programming) from computer (ZSP, ZIRC), hence MXULF is an ideal workshop tool (in partucular for poeple with big layouts and professional installers. In many aspects it can alo be used for non-ZIMO decoders with the exception of SW update and Sound loading.
  • Operational Elements:
  • 4 keys,
  • 1 scroll wheel,
  • 8 two-color LEDs
  • External connections:
  • Screwterminals for power, track, "SUSI" socket, USB (client), USB (host).
  • Display (2 x 116 characters) in driveing mode you can hardly work without the display.  Additionally you ar enabled in the future to select among several "Ready-to-Use" sound projects from the root directory of the USB stick.
  • MXULFA is powered with either DC 10 - 16 V or AC 10 - 20 V.  (no power supply included)
  • MXULFA itself is also updated via the USB stick

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