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LGB 26274 "Rhätia" Class G 3/4 Steam Locomotive

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  • Model: LGB-26274
  • Weight: 20 LBS
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  • Shipping: Arrives 2nd Quarter 2023
  • Note: NEW FOR 2023

The "Rhätia" – originally delivered as "LD 1" – was the first locomotive of the Rhaetian Railroad. It is currently being overhauled and should be in use again in 2014. It is planned that the locomotive will no longer be in the green paint scheme, in which it had been used until 2014, but rather in the approximate original paint scheme of black.

Product description

This is a model of the RhB "Rhätia" steam locomotive, the first locomotive of the Rhaetian Railroad. This is a finely detailed model in heavy metal construction with many separately applied details. All of the driving wheels are driven with side rods by a powerful motor. The cab doors and the smoke box door can be opened. The cab has complete interior details. The black paint scheme and lettering as "LD 1" are prototypical for Era I, just as the locomotive originally was in use and as is planned after the overhaul is done in 2024 and it is back in use. The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions such as headlights, cab lighting, running sounds, a whistle activated by a reed switch, and much more. The rear coupler can be operated by remote control in digital operation. The running sounds also work in analog operation. The locomotive has a built-in smoke generator with steam exhaust synchronized to the wheels, as well as cylinder steam, steam at the exhaust for the vacuum brakes, and steam exhaust at the whistle, when it is activated. Length over the buffers 35 cm / 13-3/4".

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    • mfx/DCC decoder.
    • Powerful motor.
    • Headlights can be controlled digitally.
    • Sound included.
    • High-end model constructed of metal.
    • Prototypical paint scheme.