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LGB-20064 Coca Cola Crew Car

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  • Model: LGB-20064
  • Weight: 10 LBS
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LGB 20064 Coca Cola Crew Car

This is a model of a typical car for maintenance work - colloquially known as "Crew Car" or "Speeder" - as was used on many America railroads and is still used in some instances. The crew car has finely detailed construction in the paint scheme of Coca-Cola® in Era III. Both wheel sets are driven by a powerful motor with ball bearings. The white headlights and red marker lights change over with the direction of travel. The crew car has an interface connector for installation of a digital decoder. An mfx/DCC decoder in a special size for this model is available under item number E275227.

Length over the coupler 22 cm / 8-5/8".