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LGB 29000 Exclusive Golden Spike Engine Set


  • Model: LGB-29000-x
  • Weight: 75 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

LGB 29000 Golden Steam Locomotive Spike Train Set - Limited Edition 

This is a set consisting of two steam locomotives as they looked at the opening of the first transcontinental railroad in the USA. The construction, paint schemes, and lettering are the same as the two replicas - Union Pacific RR locomotive "119" and the Central Pacific RR "Jupiter" locomotive as they presently are at the memorial site at Promontory Summit in Utah.
These are finely detailed models with heavy metal construction including many separately applied details. Each locomotive is driven by a powerful motor, has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions such as headlights, cab lighting, firebox lights, and much more. The running sounds and a whistle and bell activated by reed switches will also work in analog operation. Each locomotive has a built-in smoke unit with steam exhaust synchronized with the wheels as well as cylinder steam and steam exhaust at the whistle, when the latter is activated. The cab doors and smoke box doors can be opened. There is a detailed working link & pin coupler on the tender and the cowcatcher on the front has a separately applied, movable draw bar. The running gear mounted inboard on the locomotive frame is fully modelled and moves.

The coupling between each locomotive and its tender can be adjusted for two lengths. Length over the couplers for locomotive "119" 55 cm / 21-5/8", for "Jupiter" locomotive 52 cm / 20-1/2".

A reproduction of an American track spike – constructed of metal and genuine gold-plated – is included with the models. In addition, there is also a flagstaff to go on the locomotives and it includes an American flag.

The locomotives are packaged in a quality wooden case.
Figures of locomotive engineers and firemen as well as LGB standard couplers and American knuckle couplers are also included.

Highlights Include:

  • Finely detailed metal models constructed of brass and die-cast zinc.
  • A large variety of separately applied details.
  • Steam exhaust including cylinder steam synchronized to the wheels.
  • Working steam whistles.
  • Firebox lighting.
  • Highly detailed cabs.
  • Working link & pin couplers.
  • Cab doors and smoke box doors can be opened.
  • Figures of locomotive engineers and firemen included.
  • Real gold-plated 1:1 reproduction of a track spike included.
  • Model flagstaffs with authentic flags included.
  • Limited worldwide to 299 pieces.
This set consists of two steam locomotives, "119" of the Union Pacific Rail Road and the "Jupiter" of the Central Pacific Rail Road.  The construction, paint schemes, and lettering are the same as the two replicas as they presently are used at the memorial site at Promontory Summit in Utah. 

For videos and more information on the set please visit our Youtube page:

Part 1 Interview at LGB Headquarters

Part 2 Unboxing

Golden Spike UP Bell Detail Golden Spike Engine Jupiter Bell Detail
Golden Spike Breakwheel Detail Golden Spike Jupiter cow catcher
Golden Spike UP 119 cowcatcher Golden Spike Dome Detail
Golden Spike Drivers Golden Spike Cabin
Golden Spike Jupiter Tender Breakwheel Golden Spike Jupiter Headlight
Golden Spike Jupiter Engine Golden Spike engines meet in sunlight
Golden Spike Smoke Control Detail Golden Spike Tender Bogie Details
Golden Spike UP 119 Engine Golden Spike Bell Detail