LGB 24772 + 49172 Set



Model: LGB-24772set
Weight: 15.00


2018 New Product

LGB 24772 Dgtl "Lehmann Sugar Company" Porter Locomotive and LGB-49172 in one set.

Porter locomotive weathered with Lights, Sound and Smoke

**Note on sound - If running on an analog track, you will hear the steam (chuffing) sound. The bell, whistle and other sound functions can only be controlled if running on a digital system.

This is a model of a Porter locomotive for the Lehmann Sugar Company, used on a railroad to transport sugar cane. The locomotive is finely painted and lettered and is prototypically weathered. Both wheel sets are driven by a powerful motor. The locomotive has a built-in mfx/DCC digital decoder with many functions such as controllable headlights, cab lighting, or a smoke unit as well as many sound functions. Hook and Loop as well as American link-and-pin couplers are included.

Length over the coupler 25 cm / 9-7/8".

LGB Rolling Stock Type: Locomotive

Scale: G-scale
Railroad Type: American

The car Set 49172:

This is a model of a Lehmann Sugar Company car used on the railroad to transport sugar cane. It is finely painted and lettered. Display with 10 cars, each car imprinted with its own car number. All of the cars are individually packaged. 

Length over the couplers 16 cm / 6-5/16". 

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