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LGB-62007 Mogul, U, F7, Genesis Idler Gear (2pcs)


  • Model: LGB-62007
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

Original LGB Part often referred to as Mogul Idler gear

2 idler gears for LGB Mogul (2x18x, 2x19x), U-engine (2x70x, 2x71x,2x271) style engines, Genesis (2x49x), and F7 (2x57x). (pair in one pack). All the engines we have seen have typically 1 or 2 idler gears defective. These gearboxes are also referred to a "C" gearboxes.

this gear has 31/34 teeth

Seldom idler gears go defective in normal operation.  We find when we see defective idler gears the following reasons as one or multiple root causes:

  • Gearbox journals are worn out\

  • Gear lids are slightly bend and motor doesn't engage fully

  • Not properly quartered axles and therefore the movement is impacted and leads to quick ware on idler gears

  • Too heavy loads are being pulled

  • Sudden Stop or even worth quick reverse of voltage