LGB 20100NB Reproduction Golden Stainz



Model: LGB-20100NB-102
Weight: 12.00
Availability: This Item is Authorize only.


LGB 20100NB Reproduction Stainz with DCC, Sound, and Smoke


This is a One-time reproduction based of the LGB 70302

This is a model of the Stainz steam locomotive gold plated suitable for LGB garden railroads. The locomotive has a powerful ball bearing mounted Bühler motor. The engine was equipped with DCC, Sound, and smoke unit.

Length over the buffers 25 cm / 9-7/8 inch.


  • Type:  Engine
  • Subtype: Stainz (70302-102)
  • Motive Power: Steam
  • DCC: installed
  • Sound: installed
  • Steam: installed




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