LGB 23650 Repro Alco Diesel engine with Coca Cola Scheme



Model: LGB-23650R
Weight: 20.00
Availability: This Item is Authorize only.


The legendary Alco Diesel engine in Coca Cola coloring  
(limited availability!)

This is an authentic reproduction of one of the legendary Alco Diesel Coca Cola engine. Basis for this model was the LGB-25554 and is the special edition enhanced model.

This model can be used in Era IV + V + VI in this paint scheme. The LGB collectors community that missed out on the previous production runs, have here another opportunity.  Don't miss out on this.

This model features DCC and Sound installation.  The engine has a high level of pulling power due to two powerful Bühler motors. The locomotive has two general-purpose electrical sockets.


Technical Details:


  • Type: LGB Engine
  • Subtype: Diesel engine Alco
  • Paintscheme: Coca Cola edition
  • DCC: installed
  • Sound: installed (pulsed)
  • Traction tires.
  • Weight approximately 4,200 grams / 8 pounds 2 ounces.
  • Length over the buffers 63 cm / 23 1/3"
  • Compatible Models: LGB-72854, 23650

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