LGB 29409 RhB golden Krokodile



Model: LGB-29409-003
Weight: 15.00


The legendary RhB Alpine Classic Crocodile. 

(limited availability!)

This is a One-time reproduction based of the LGB 23045

This is an authentic reproduction of one of the legendary RhB Crocodile, in the golden paint scheme (Alpine classic) with a new road number 404. Basis for this model was the LGB-23405 and is the special edition enhanced model.

This model can be used in Era IV + V + VI in this paint scheme. The LGB collectors community asked often for such an exclusive item.  Don't miss out on this.

This model features MTS and Sound installation.  The engine has a high level of pulling power due to two powerful Bühler motors. The locomotive has two general-purpose electrical sockets.


Technical Details:


  • Type: LGB Engine
  • Subtype: Electrical engine "Krokodile" of the RhB #404
  • Paintscheme: Alpine Classic Blue for Arosa Line
  • DCC: installed
  • Sound: installed
  • Traction tires.
  • Weight approximately 3,450 grams / 7 pounds 9 ounces.
  • Length over the buffers 56 cm / 22"
  • Compatible Models: LGB-24402, LGB-27402, LGB-25409




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