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over 9,000 10,000 parts are available

Many regular used parts are here in our warehouse. Other parts reside in two different  German warehouse one at Modell- Land, whom we exclusively represent in the US. We have regularly consolidated shipments of these parts. These parts are hard to find and many of them - when sold - will be no longer available. All parts are loose parts and don't come in any original Maerklin/LGB® packaging.

We have multiple source for LGB parts

We source 99% of our parts from Germany, that why it takes time.  We work with three major suppliers including of course our factory direct relationship with LGB.  We typically estimate 4-8 weeks, but other circumstances can lead to more time as well.  The initial order consolidation time serves you in order to keep the prices down. 



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North America, and of course the rest of the World


We have between our US warehouse and our supply chain access to more than 10,000 parts (not all of which are listed here), as well as are able to produce parts.  If parts are coming from our supply chain then the wait time can be 6 weeks.  We are collecting many orders in that case in order to minimize the shipping impact as part of the cost.  Should you have an emergency we can UPS/FEDEX/DHL the part directly to you, but the cost are high.  However, you are being charged at this point in time, because too often people forgot or changed their mind on special orders and we cannot be stuck with them, unless everybody is wants to pay higher prices.

We have conveniently placed important LGB information on our website.  Top row (in blue) is one high-level menu called LGB Information;

There you find:

You can always call us: 508-529-9166 (This is a US based call center they forward this to our team so you are always in good hands) or email info@trainli.com