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JC-82395 Starter Pack Ski Lift System


  • Model: JC-82395
  • Weight: 15 LBS

JC-82395 Starter Pack Ski Lift System 

This beautiful set can span any distance (with extra rope and masts) on your layout and provide a lively scene.  Modelled after the Doppelmyr UNI G-V system with chairs, and gondolas in various styles.  This is a fully functional setup and allows for continued operation on your layout.  Additional gondolas or chairs are available in a variety of colors.  Weather you model a ski mountain on your layout or you model an park, in either case this is a model to buy.

This startset comes with:

  • 2x Uni-G stations (grey)

  • 4x gondolas (silver)

  • 1x 24’ rope

  • Stations with interior and exterior lights

  • Fully functional 8-roller batteries

  • Silent motor with flywheel

  • Stations are pre-assembled

  • Expendable

The set can be operated via batteries or with a 12V wall transformer (available from TRAINLI). 

The set can be extended to almost any distance you desire for your HO layout.  For this operation you definitely need additional towers, rope, and for better optics additional gondolas or chairs.