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LGB 27425 MOB Class Ge 4/4 Electric Locomotive

$698.95 20% $139.79

  • Model: LGB-27425
  • Weight: 30 LBS
  • Availability: Delivery when next production occurs (Can be ordered with 20% preorder charge)

2014 New Product

The MOB (Montreux-Berner Oberland Railroad) has 4 class Ge 4/4 locomotives (road numbers 8001 to 8004). The units delivered by SLM/ABB resemble down to the electrical parts the class Ge 4/4 III of the Rhaetian Railroad, but they work with 850 volts direct current. One unit, road number 8003, was painted in the striking design as a so-called cow locomotive. The LGB model reproduces this striking locomotive perfectly. The model also has prototypical technology: The pantographs raise and lower automatically and both pantographs are always in contact with the catenary prototypical. The headlights and marker lights change from white to red. The cab and the instruments on the control panel at the front of the locomotive are lighted. This model can pull heavy trains on steep grades with its two powerful motors. This detailed, weatherproof model is very well equipped. It has a factory installed MTS decoder onboard for analog and
digital operation, cab doors that can be opened, and two mode of operation switches. The current can be taken from the track or the catenary. The locomotive has two encapsulated gear drives with seven-pole Bühler motors and all axles on the locomotive are powered. The locomotive has a traction tire, twelve electrical pickups, two pantographs that raise and lower automatically, a voltage limiting system, headlights and marker lights that change over automatically with the direction of travel. It also has two general-purpose sockets with a safety feature and of course an extensive paint scheme. This model will be produced in a one-time series only in 2014 and it comes with
a numbered certificate of authenticity.
Length over the buffers 25-5/8" / 65 cm.

Type:  Locomotive
RailRoad Line:  RhB
RailRoad Class: Narr
Scale: G-Scale
Manufacturer: LGB