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NYC Hudson J3a steam engine (analog) - LGB-20542


  • Model: AS-20542
  • Weight: 30 LBS

This is the limited edition engine - but without the original wood-box and packaging
(4 weeks delivery time)

The world famous New York Central "Hudson" 2'C2' engines were build in 1927 for the most famous train the "20th Century Limited".  In order to accelerated trains the New York Central developed an ingenious system in order to pickup water while in motion.  A water pipe at the tender could be lowered to reach long water-tanks between the track.  This way several thousand gallons could be picked up into the tender.  The tenders were equipped with overpressure valves in order to avoid an explosion though the water pressure.  Throughout the entire network you could expect snow.  But already in the 50s the famous trains were already pulled by Diesel engines.

This Aster NYC Hudson J3a Engine is a beautiful replica of this engine type and offers:

  • Cab windows and cab doors can be opened
  • Full interior of the cab with correct armatures, hand wheels, and levers
  • Detailed boiler with domes, pipes, and handrails
  • Prototypical coloring and lettering
  • Full functional replica of the Baker valve controls
  • 4-position function control switch
  • 2 7-pol Buehler motors
  • 3 powered axles
  • 10 power pickups