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DB 99.7243-1 steam engine (analog - LGB-20811


  • Model: AS-20811
  • Weight: 20 LBS

This is the limited edition engine - but without the original wood-box and packaging
(4 weeks delivery time)

The HSB contracted in 1930 a standard locomotive in order to replace the old narrow gauge locomotives.  The engines were completely welded and had for the time the most modern equipment. The engines proofed to be very powerful and economical.  They fulfilled the expectations.  Steam engine enthusiast enjoy watching these engines on the 3% inclines of the HSB network.  Still today the 99.7243-1 is in service with the HSB, which is one of the last narrow gauge railroad lines that are operated with steam engines.  Citizens of the region as well as corporations utilize the services of the HSB in for their daily transportation needs.
This Aster 99.7243-1 engine is a beautiful replica of this engine type and offers:

  • Full interior of the cab with correct armatures, hand wheels, and levers
  • Smoke box door and cab doors can be opened
  • Interior cab light
  • Detailed boiler with external piping and hand rails
  • Prototypical coloring and lettering
  • Full functional replica of the Heusinger controls
  • 4-position function control switch
  • 2 7-pol Buehler motors
  • 5 driven axles
  • 1 traction tire
  • 12 power pickups
  • Length: 1' 10 1/4" (565mm)
  • Weight: 12.3 pounds (5.6Kg)
  • Equipped with TrueSound DCC by ZIMO (better than the original)
  • Chuff synchronized smoke
  • Many steam engine sound in museums quality