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White Pass Mikado (Sound DC/DCC) - LGB-21832


  • Model: AS-21832S
  • Weight: 20 LBS

No longer available

For pioneers of the gold rush on your layout - this beautiful model is a must-have.  Like in real life, let your passengers re-live Skagway, Alaska where the passenger leaves the ship and enters the train of the White Pass & Yukon railroad.  Everybody is expecting to become rich.  The powerful Mikado blows its whistles and the trip to the promised land can begin. 

This Aster Mikado #373 let us engage in the dream.  The entire model is built out of metal and is an impressive collector's edition.  Whether it cruises your layout or is a showcase model - if you are a true railroad enthusiast this is a must-have.

This Mikado is equipped with TrueSound DCC by ZIMO and displays high-end features such as chuff synchronized smoke.