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DB 99.633 steam engine (Sound-DC/DCC) - LGB-22832


  • Model: AS-22832S
  • Weight: 20 LBS

This is the limited edition engine - but without the original wood-box and packaging
(4 weeks delivery time)

End of the 19th century the narrow gauge line of the Württembergischen Staatsbahnen were developed.  The have a track width of 750mm and they were developed to reach regions that appeared not highly profitable.  Rigid engine constructions are not well suited for line with many curves.  Original locomotives were designed with a Klose drive train and had flexible side rod design.  From 1899 on the railroad needed new engines with movable trucks and this Tssd engine type was generated that served well between 1899 and 1913.

This Aster DB 99.633 Tssd engine is a beautiful replica of this engine type and offers:

  • Full interior of the cab with correct armatures, hand wheels, and levers
  • Lid of water tanks can be opened
  • Smoke box door can be opened
  • Detailed boiler with external piping and hand rails
  • Prototypical coloring and lettering
  • Full functional replica of the Heusinger controls
  • 4-position function control switch
  • 2 7-pol Buehler motors
  • 4 driven axles
  • 1 traction tire
  • 12 power pickups
  • Equipped with TrueSound DCC by ZIMO (better than the original)
  • Chuff synchronized smoke
  • Many steam engine sound in museums quality