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LGB-21980 SOEG Class Ik Steam Locomotive


  • Model: LGB-21980
  • Weight: 15 LBS

LGB 2017 New Item – SOEG Class Ik Steam Locomotive

Planned delivery: May 2017

This is a model of the class Ik steam locomotive, used as road number 1 on the SOEG. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The locomotive has separately applied etched locomotive plates. A powerful Bühler motor with ball bearings drives all of the wheel sets. Traction tires. The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions such as headlights, cab lighting, and much more. The locomotive has a built-in smoke unit with smoke exhaust synchronized with the wheels. The locomotive is packaged in an exclusive wooden case. Length over the buffers 28 cm / 11".