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LGB 23130 Olomana Steam Locomotive (2Q16)


  • Model: LGB-23310
  • Weight: 15 LBS

2016 New Product availability  2 Quarter 2016

This museum steam locomotive is well known in the USA and was originally built by Baldwin. It originally was used to haul narrow gauge trains on sugar cane plantations. Later it was brought to California. Still later this locomotive was restored and since then has been in the smithsonian museum to be admired. In response to requests from many of our customers, we are issuing this model again in a visually refined version. The model is extensively and absolutely prototypically painted and lettered. This weatherproof locomotive has a powerful motor driving two axles. It has a thoroughly prototypical air space between the boiler and the frame. The engineer's cab has been modeled true to the original. This model also has headlights, traction tires, 6 electrical pickups, and engineer's cab interior details, etc. Length over the buffers 28 cm / 11".



LGB Rolling Stock Type: Locomotive

Scale: G-scale
Railroad Type: American