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LGB-33353 RhB Gondola with Sound


  • Model: LGB-33353
  • Weight: 10 LBS

LGB 2017 New Item – RhB Gondola with Sound

This is a model of an RhB gondola with a band, designed as an observation car as it was used in the prototype in the Grisons. The paint and lettering are for Era VI. The car has a built-in mfx/DCC decoder that can be used in digital operation to control different light and sound functions. A micro SD card with different pieces of music is included. Function buttons on a digital controller can be used to playback music and sounds, and adjust the volume. The music and sounds can be supplemented or swapped out, as you desire. The micro SD card must be removed to do this. A conversion program is already stored on the micro SD card. A card reader is not included with this car. Please pay attention to the instructions for use. The music group is permanently installed. The car has metal wheelsets. Length 49 cm / 19-5/16".