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Ospizio Bernina - RhB Station (finished model)


  • Model: MK-10001
  • Weight: 20 LBS
A true marvel for the RhB connoisseur

Authentic modeling requires not only nice looking rolling stock, but scenery too. This model is a detailed replica of the RhB station Ospizio Bernina, which is situated 2253 m ü.M. (7391' above the Ocean). It is the highest train station in Europe that trains without cogwheel support can reach. The dual language station name (German: Bernina-Hospiz / Italian Ospizio Bernina) remionds everyone that this station represents the language border to the Italian speaking Pushlav.

The model is perfect with its back towards a hillside, because like the prototype the back of the model is not structured.

This model is already mounted and comes with a ligthed CLock, 2 station bells, and a mounted bench. The picture despicts a version from 1910 with green windows and doors, but comes also wiuth white windows and red doors - the common version of today.

Size: 3' 9" x 1' 7" x 1' 7" (115 cm x 49 cm x 50 cm)