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LGB 21670 Trackcleaning locomotive


  • Model: LGB-21670
  • Weight: 15 LBS

If you have brass track in most region of this country you will constantly have to clean your brass from oxidation in order to maintain proper conductivity.  You can choose the laborous route with drywall sander or other abrasive materials, or have even fun with the process and watch your track being cleaned with the LGB track cleaning engine - the first train out on every play day.

This model actually has two motors, one for normal operations, and a second that drives a pair of low-abrasive cleaning wheels to whisk dirt and grime from rail surfaces. The cleaning wheels also have special flanges to protect plastic guides on LGB switches and crossings. Patterned after track maintenance equipment found worldwide, the loco features directional headlights, and a flashing warning light on the cab.  

You can pull cars with it as well, so the process looks even more fun