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LGB Alpine Classic Set


  • Model: LGB-25409x
  • Weight: 20 LBS

The legendary RhB Alpine Classic Set.  Compare at: MSRP $2500: 1995,-.
limited availability at this price!)

This is an authentic reproduction of one of the legendary RhB Crocodile, in the blue paint scheme (Alpine classic) with a new road number 415, and two of the matching Alpine Classic pullman cars. This model can be used in Era IV in this paint scheme. The original Alpine Classic Crocodile (#412) was retired in 2008 after a gearbox failure.  The first production of LGB preempted the blue paint scheme of the RhB.  In that case the prototype copied the model.  The LGB collectors community can now hope that this time LGB is preempting the prototype again.

This model features MTS and Sound installtion.  The engine has a high level of pulling power due to two powerful Bühler motors. The locomotive has two general-purpose electrical sockets. Traction tires. Weight approximately 3,450 grams / 7 pounds 9 ounces. Length over the buffers 56 cm / 22".

Each of the cars has a length of 66 cm / 26".  The cars are in  the absolteuly beautiful blue/cream paint scheme repsenting the Alpine Classic Pullman Express.  The cars have the running numbers AS1143 and AS1144.  The cars are equipped with ball-bearing wheel sets and and interior lighting