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LGB 30553 RhB Passenger Car B2081

$195.00 20% $39.00

  • Model: LGB-30553
  • Weight: 5 LBS
  • Availability: Delivery when next production occurs (Can be ordered with 20% preorder charge)

New LGB 2009 production. (MSRP: $269.99)

This is the RhB passenger car in period III detailing. After the RhB merged with the Bernina Bahn the car received its green color. The car has the prototypical color and lettering of a second class car. These cars a very well made down to the imitation of the window handles. This is a must have for any RhB fan.

*** Note:
I rode in these beautifully cars way back in 1960. Went skiing from Pontresina to the Diavolezza. I also remember some of them still in green-beige coloring as well as the Abe 4/4 pulling these cars. In 1960 I remember predominantly green Abe 4/4 I and then within the next few years the Abe went to red while the cars continued to be green. 2-4 of these cars were behind the engine and possibly 1-2 freight cars typically GbK ****