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LGB 49690 RhB Hopper (Xac & Fac) Set

$250.00 20% $50.00

  • Model: ML-49690
  • Weight: 18 LBS
  • Availability: Delivery when next production occurs (Can be ordered with 20% preorder charge)

Four-axle hopper cars are also among the special cars on the Rhaetian Railroad. They are used mostly to transport ballast. These bulk freight cars painted in yellow are specially designed for the RhB track maintenance trains. They differ in several details from the other hopper cars. The operator can use a mechanical system to measure the quantity of ballast sliding out of the hopper car when the train is moving slowly. This LGB set includes a type Xac yellow maintenance car with fine, detailed paintwork and lettering and also imprinted repaired areas. The set also includes a brown type Fac hopper car. The LGB models each have four unloading hatches that can be opened. Both cars are individually packaged.

Length over the buffers per car 55 cm / 21-5/8