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Pullman-31131 -RhB Abe 4/4 II #46


  • Model: PL-30131
  • Weight: 15 LBS

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RhB Abe 4/4 II #46

The Abe 4/4 II are railcars of the famous Bernina Line. Railcars are engines with passenger seats. When the Bernina line started they operated lightweight 4‐axle railcars the Abe 4/4 I. At the time those cars had to pull only two axle cars, while today’s passenger cars are predominantly 4‐axle cars. Increased traffic and as well as heavier loads required stronger pulling power. In the 1964/5 The Rhätische Bahn (RhB) bought for the Bernina line railcars of

the type Abe 4/4 II that were for replacement of the 20 year olf Abe 4/4 I. The new cars received the opera􀆟ng numbers 41‐ 46. With a power of 950 PS/608kW these cars were able to pull 65T trains over the en􀆟re line with up to 7% inclines. Additionally the max speed could be increased to 65 km/h. This cars often operated in double traction which each other hence increase to total pulling power to 140t.


The successful use of these cars led in the 70s the RhB ordered in two consecutive orders 9 railcars each. Initially the Abe 4/4 II with even more pulling power and then followed by the Abe 4/4 III. These engines are the main motive power of the RhB’s Bernina line (until the introduction of the Allegra Abe 8/12). Only the railcars with the numbers 41‐46 were suited for this model, because No 47‐49 are longer.


  • Metal-plastic precision model
  • Powered by two powerful motors that transfer the power via a driveshaft to each of the two axle in each motor block
  • Stainless steel wheel rims
  • 3-point truck mounts for optimal adaption to uneven tracks
  • High quality plastic windows
  • Prototypical lighting including cabin lights and interior lights with warm tone LEDs
  • Detailed interior in cast plastic
  • Prototypical coloring and lettering
  • Functional pantograph control (with associated sounds), and full adjustable max height of pantographs.
  • ESU Decoder with integrated “electronic flywheel” (Functions: different sounds, Swiss lights, White/red light change)
  • Minimum radius 600mm (~2’ radius)
  • Length 735mm (2’ 9”)
  • Weight Approx. 11 pounds (5 Kg)