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ProLine:™ Special Edition: HSB 900-439 (


  • Model: TL35-30743
  • Weight: 5 LBS

This model is from a limited edition (250 units only) production run. Buy it why you can.

The first ProLine rolling stock production - Made in Germany.  This model is manufactured to the highest quality standard and is equipped with metal wheel (stainless steel).

This model is part of the HSB passenger car series.  Its car 900-439 carries the advertising banners for the "Kristall Saunatherme Heißer Brocken" in Altenau along the HSB Brockenbahn.  The advertising is also a play on words with pun intended.  More about this spa environment can be found here:

If a ride on the HSB is on your next vacation plan, you should stop there for a relaxing day.

With all available models you can truly build prototypical correct trains for your layout.  And this can be done now.  Unlike other productions where you may receive one car of a series once every two years, all cars are made available at the same time.  All cars come in two color schemes:

  • HSB prototypical correct darker red
  • Bright red (this is the color that LGB had incorrectly chosen for their version of  HSB cars)

This car here is is the HSB 900-439  in HSB red