Prices subject to change without notice

LGB US Trolley (20380/21382/22382/24380) rebuilding service


  • Model: TR00.060
  • Weight: 10 LBS

Bring your beautiful LGB US Trolley back to live!

Our repair department is always looking for new solutions. In particular if there are no parts available. The LGB models 20380/21382/22382.24380 were made with non-standard gearboxes, which renders the motor blocks useless if the gears are worn or broken, if the wheels are used up or any other problems exist. TRAINLI has worked on a new method to bring these beautiful babies back on your track. We are will install two complete new motor blocks which are specially adapted for the use with this engine. This is a labor intensive process, but you will smile once your see your priced piece back on the track making her rounds.

Alternatively for a limited time we can offer also a rebuild utilizing original LGB parts.


  • Complete refurbish of two motor blocks
  • Repair of everything else