Shipping Insurance Support



Model: TR00.050
Weight: 12.00


LGB North American Repair and Installation Center

Inbound Shipping Insurance Support for LGB engines

Excellent repair service is not effective if the engine arrives in parts with most of them broken. To avoid this complication, please read the following in its entirety.

Uninsured product shipments are at the risk of the train owners. If you are asked in a UPS or FEDEX store if you want to declare the value, this is not a guarantee of insurance.  The carrier will try to prove that you didn't properly pack your product(s) and therefore they are not responsible for damages and will not have to pay the "declared" value, even if you paid extra for it.

With TRAINLI you are assured that, should the unthinkable happen, your damages to your prized possession will be reimbursed. In this case, we will be financed by the reimbursement to rebuild it to mint condition. For this to happen, we MUST be the shipper in BOTH directions.

The $15 is NOT an insurance premium (it is independent of the engine value), but is the administrative fee for us to insure the shipment and provide you with the shipping label.

Please note:

We do not make the rules; we are sharing our knowledge on the subject to help prevent object and financial loss.

Group: Repair (Inbound Insurance administrative fee)

Type:   G-scale

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