C: Complicated repair service



Model: TR00.016
Weight: 12.00


LGB North American Repair and Installation Center

Complicated Repair for LGB engines

Excellent repair service. Our qualified technicians and engineers love the hobby as we do. They treat every engine as if it would be their own. Typically we spend more time on the engines than we charge for.

Small repair services is about jobs that we can accomplish within 15 minutes (e.g. new Mogul idler gears, motor exchange for many engines, ....).

Many happy customer can attest to our high quality service.


The cost of parts needs to be added according to what we find is defect. Very often we can install a motor for a "Small Repair Service" fee. In this case the motor costs twice as much as the service fee. Of course we thoroughly check the engine, clean the gear box, and lubricate the moving parts appropriately.


Group: Repair (Complicated)

Type: G-scale

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