DCC & Sound Installation Service Category III



Model: TR00.022
Weight: 8.00


Category III - Sound and DCC installation

Excellent Installation service. Our qualified technicians and engineers love the hobby as we do. They treat every engine as it would be their own. Typically we spend more time on the engines than we charge for. Installation service is about detailed engine modifications that we can accomplish within 1 - 2 hours which covers the average installation time. We do amazing jobs installing our TrueSound DCC by ZIMO and you will be amazed how it sounds. Many happy customer can attest to our high quality service. 

The question we often hear: "But I don't have DCC - how does ZIMO work?"

ZIMO is the preferred choice of analog operation as well.  Unlike conventional Sound board, ZIMO also controls your motor and you receive all the benefits of this:

  • Engine movement is suppressed until the track voltage is high enough to also turn on the sound.
  • Engine receives BackEMF support supporting you engines on uphill
  • Sound and movement are always synchronized and not voltage dependant
  • Option for chuff synchronized smoke
  • Detection of slow down and cutting sounds (ie chuff sound) like the prototype

Category III definition:

  • LGB engine with  chuff or load synchronized smoke installation and de-coupler installtion
  • Accucraft or LGB Aster Installtion
  • LGB Electric engines with pantograph installation and Swiss lighting
  • Old 3-wire Motorblock Bachmann Shay (complex conversion)
  • other not listed "custom" or cottage industry engines.

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