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MS950 4A integrated Sound wired


  • Model: ZI-MS950
  • Weight: 0.5 LBS
  • Availability: Available for order, Ships in 5-7 days

Info about the MS 950 at a Glance


Dimensions (mm)

50 x 23 x 13

ConnectionsWires and/or standardized interfaces

pin connection

Total current (continuous):

4 A(10 A)

Motor current (continuous)(peak)

4 A(10 A)

Current on Function OutputsTotal of the FOs

2 A

number and type
Function Outputs
incl. 2 x headlights(+ logic-level outputs)

11all 11 on plug

(+3 logic-level)

Low Voltage
5 V for Servos a.o. consumers
5 V resp. 10 V audio voltage
variable low voltage from 1,5 V

1,5 A
0,5 A
not available

5 V do not overload!

Servo control wires
(complete witch 5 V supply)

2Servo wires

+2 alternate use
of logic-level

SUSI - connection
alternatively SUSI, I²C, sound loading

yesindiv. 4-pol.
SUSI conn.

Switch Inputs
for cam sensors, Reed switches, i.a.

on pin connector

+2 alternate use of logic-level

Energy Storage connection
15 V - capacitors DIRECTLY to the decoder

3 Supercaps


Speaker Outputs
dep. on dec. 8 Ω or 4 Ω
(2 x 8 Ω in parallel)

2 x
3 Watt / 4 Ω

on pins/terminals

Sound Flash

128 Mbit



Extra Information about MS decoders