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ProLine: TL10-20013-Brass Clamps (G-scale) 10 clamps


  • Model: TL10-20013
  • Weight: 0.8 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

ProLine™ TL10-20013-Brass Clamps (G-scale) 10 clamps

ProClampsTM (code 332 G-scale track clamps) are the perfect match for your outdoor G-scale layout needs with ProTrack or with any other G-scale track for that matter. ProClamps are unique because they use stainless steel screws, for durability, that are brass plated to match the looks of the clamp. Of course ProClamp are very convenient because they get screwed from the top and only on one side to your G-scale track.

At this price how can you resist?

Type: Clamps for G-scale Track

Compatible: LGB Track; Aristo Track; Bachmann Track, Piko Track, AML Track