ProTie™ SG, 100 pcs (Creosote Black)



Model: MGR-5050H
Weight: 14.00
Availability: This Item is Authorize only.


ProTie™ SG  Black(Standard Gauge) - often referred to as US ties for G-scale track
are made in the USA in accordance to the German specification

100% LGB compatible

ProTie SG can be used for all our ProTrack (Brass, Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Plastic G-scale track). ProTie US chairs are solid and dont brake like the ties of many other manufacturers.

ProTie SG has unique feature not seen before. At the end of each 1' tie strip are build in sub-bed mounting holes. No longer do you have to drill holes into the ties themselves. You can easily secure you G-scale track with the tie strip to any sub-bed utilizing simple metal, wood, decking or other self-tapping screws. The same mounting hole can also be used in our ProTrack Display application to "clamp" down the plastic rails, eliminating the need for any rail clamps. The ties are made out HDPE with UV stabilizer, the best material know for lasting outdoor quality.

ProTie SG have 14 ties per foot as found on American Mainline

Type: G-scale Track

Compatible: LGB Track; Aristo Track; Bachmann Track, Piko Track, AML Track

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