ProLine™: S-Kuplix, black ( 2 pcs)



Model: MDS-21000
Weight: 0.50


Beautifully short coupled cars with the proven Hook and Loop system

S-KUPLIX enables your prototypical appearance.

The new loop is about only 50% of the size of LGB’s (Aristocraft, Kiss, TrainLine45, and others) loop.  S-KuPLIX can be utilized in two different ways

  • As direct replacement of the original loop
  • Replacement of the original loop after shortening the coupler shaft

S-KuPLIX was in particular developed for Kiss and LGB Panorama cars, but works equally well with LGB other LGB passenger cars, European and American models.

S-KuPLIX occupies only half the width of a standard loop, hence a shortened shaft has more room to turn under the body because these loops will hit the obstacles later.

Therefore short coupled cars can even master R1 (although they look more elegant in larger radii).

S-KuPLIX still utilizes the original hook and coupler spring.  All you need to do is remove the old hook and disassemble the hook  and spring.  You can optionally shorten the shaft before you mount S-KUPLIX and reassemble the hook and spring.

The result, more prototypical looking trains on your layout.



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