ZIMO decoders are the best in the world.  And we are not just saying this.  We have experience.  If you want the smoothest operation and the most flexible decoders there is really no other choice - but ZIMO.

If you never had a ZIMO decoder, give it a try.  Put the newly equipped engine side by side with any other decoder and you will realize what a difference ZIMO makes.

It has been a common misconception that ZIMO has no American sounds.  Think again.  Among the over 300 different available sound projects are about 80 American sound files (a mix of Steam and Diesel).

For most current update on sounds projects you can go to: 

In addition TRAINLI  has some special sound projects as well, just ask

One thing that is is important to understand.  ZIMO sound projects are contributed from a large variety of vendors.  Like modern smart phone application stores, some files are Freeware and some Pay-for-Play.  Among one of the best providers with a wide variety of Swiss, German and US projects is SoundDesign from Switzerland.  All of his projects are museums quality sound implementations - all worth the extra investment.

There are two different prices - for HO and G scale decoders.  Please check the table below, and if the project you want is in this list then please buy also the TrueSound addon and specify in the notes which sound project you like.

The User Guides:

G-Scale (II, IIm, 1.20.3, 1:29, I) and O-scale (O, Om):

Latest current user guide (yes also in English) can be found here)