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  • Model: ZI-MS450P22
  • Weight: 0.5 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

MS sound decoders 

REAL 16 bits audio - 22 or 44 kHz sample rate - 16 channels - 12 Mbit memory - Multiprotocol: DCC, mfx*, MM 

The first sound decoders of the "MS" generation were introduced in 2019, as successors to the long-standing MX decoders. The core of the MS sound decoders is formed by a "state-of-the-art" 32 bit ARM micro controller with DSP characteristics and generously dimensioned memories. This enables sound reproduction in the highest quality (see subtitle above) and full mfx capability (including registration with Märklin digital command stations); in addition, there are large reserves for future further developments (in mid-2021 almost half the program memory is still free.

Note: Currently "MS" are only available as SOUND decoders!
For non-sound decoders, the types of the MX range are still available. Of course there will be a changeover in this area as well, especially because it is necessary for mfx control. However, the differences between MX and MS will be less significant for DCC control than for decoders

here's a Video of the MS450 in action: 

 At a Glance :

  • Dimensions (mm)

30 x 15 x 4

  • Connections Wires and/or standardized interfaces


  • Total current (continuous):

1.2 A(2.5 A)

  • Motor current (continuous)(peak)

1.2 A(2.5 A)

  • Current on Function OutputsTotal of the FOs

0.8 A

  • number and type
    Function Outputs
    2 x headlights(+ logic-level outputs)

104 with wires
6 on s.pads

(+2 logic-level)

  • Servo control wires
    (complete witch 5 V supply)

2alternate use
of logic-level

(NO, external 5 V)

  • SUSI - connection
    alternatively SUSI, I²C, sound loading

yesalternate use
of logic-level

on s.pads

  • Switch Inputs
    for cam sensors, Reed switches, i.a.

1on s.pad

+2 alternate use
of logic-level

  • Energy Storage connection
    15 V - capacitors DIRECTLY to the decoder


with wires

  • Speaker Outputs
    on dec. 8 Ω or 4 Ω
    (2 x 8 Ω in parallel)

3 Watt / 4 Ω

on wires

  • Sound Flash

128 Mbit

Click the link for the 

Complete MS Decoder Manual