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Swiss Alps Hut (finished model)


  • Model: MK-10015
  • Weight: 25 LBS

A true marvel for the RhB connoisseur

Authentic modeling requires not only nice looking rolling stock, but scenery too. This model is a detailed replica of an typical Lodge in the Swiss Alps along the various railroad line of the RhB.The model of this beautiful mountain lodge in his characteristic block design is made after studying numerous originals.  The model is cast in the proven quartz PU resin technology .

It is highly detailed, especially the roof is prototypically modeled with its wooden shingles and storm protection from alpine rocks. Highly effective is the wedge-shaped base with its terrace and railings, which has on the front 3 1/4" (8 cm) height and thus can be easily integrated into a hillside.

As a refreshment station , it offers the hiker protection and nurishment. On flat surfaces you can easily construct a slope with gravel or crushed stone. 

The complete version with railing , foundations and firewood stack has the following dimensions: 
Size: W: 11 3/4" x H:11 1/4" x D:11" (30 cm x 26 cm x 28 cm).