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Toilet stall - HSB (finished model)


  • Model: MK-10021
  • Weight: 8 LBS
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Charming toilet stalls of European railways

Poeple travel with railroads. Poeple eat and drink. Ulitmately they will have to go about their business. This charming stall resembles the athmosphere whcih can be found on the lines of the HSB and other locations in Europe. These type of buioldings were comissioned by the Raichsbahndirektion. The goverment builders were asked to establish the toilet stalls in an economical fashion not only the building but also the operation. In addition they should fit well into the the scenery (if you ever were clos eto one you would know that they didn't ask that the smell should fit into the scenery - Lol). The toilet stall is seperated between men and women.

Size: 1' 1" w x 11" d x 6" h